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Simply save on herbicides!

By mapping weeds, SAM-DIMENSION enables the targeted application of herbicides exactly where the weeds are. This can reduce herbicide usage by up to 90%.

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Possible with all common field sprayers!

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No additional hardware necessary!

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Herbicide and cost savings guaranteed!

Get ready for the
EU Green Deal now!

Farm to Fork: 50% less crop protection substances by 2030!

SAM-DIMENSION helps farmers reduce herbicide use by enabling targeted applications on weed nests and individual weeds with the highest level of accuracy.

Our Case Studies

In our case studies, when treating thistles in sugar beet fields, between 70 and 95% of the area could remain untreated. This reduced herbicide costs by an average of over €20 per hectare.

This is how SAM-DIMENSION works.

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No installation necessary!

SAM-DIMENSION creates application maps for all common field sprayers with section control.

The application card can be tested in the field with your own sprayer.

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"Using SAM-DIMENSION application maps we were able to apply herbicides in a targeted manner, thereby reducing herbicide costs and increasing crop tolerance."

Robin Kümmerer,

Farmer and researcher


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